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Provide data life support for your customers and protect your company's reputation.

Your business provides specialized solutions that your clients rely on for the efficient operation of their medical practices. The data stored in these applications is critical to their success. But what happens when there are unforeseen circumstances that cause your application or service to fail, resulting in errors or loss of client data?

Industry experts agree that if you have not addressed this risk with your clients, you could be jeopardizing your company’s reputation and client relationships. Here’s what they are saying…


The cost of ignoring data backup for your software system may include “bad press and users switching to competitors' products.” For these reasons “any smart software vendor will talk big about [data] security.” [1]

“The risks to businesses of being involved in a data loss incident are high.” Financial risks are a major concern but “bad publicity is another potentially lethal sanction. A recent study by Ponemon showed that 31% of respondents terminated their relationship with an organization on receiving notification of data integrity issues.” [2]


“Instant and intense media scrutiny can be expected in the event of data loss so businesses should plan in advance.” [2]


Proven Backup’s Partner Program offers a variety of flexible service options for providers of medical IT and software solutions. Our program provides you with the unique opportunity to easily incorporate off-site computerized medical records back up services into your new and existing service agreements, while at the same time earning additional income.

Becoming a Proven Backup Partner is simple!

Proven Backup handles all billing, tracking, issue monitoring, EMR software licenses, technical support, upgrades and secure medical data storage. We conveniently provide everything you need to help protect your clients’ valuable data...

  • Turn-key product offering
  • Hands-on or hands-off training
  • Marketing materials
  • Advantageous Discounts

Contact us to learn how becoming a Proven Backup Partner can enhance your current product offering and provide data life support to your clients.


[1] “Liability Changes Everything”, Bruce Schneier. [2] Winter 09 issue of ISNOW and (ConWebDoc.23843)

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Proven Backup is a service of Professional Data Systems, a leading provider of IT solutions for the healthcare industry since 1997. Proven Backup provides secure, affordable and reliable HIPAA compliant Medical Data Backup including backups of EMR Solutions, Medical Records Storage, Medical Records Management and Medical Records Software. Located in White Plains, Westchester County, New York serving medical practices nationwide.