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Why Our HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup?

Proven Backup is the only medical records backup service focused SOLEY on the Healthcare Industry.   Proven Backup is uniquely designed to address the complex needs of the healthcare industry and is fully supported by medical record IT experts who have been leaders in the healthcare IT industry for over 10 years. Our experience in implementing sophisticated networks and systems in countless healthcare practices enables us to deliver business grade offsite backup services. And most importantly, Proven Backup conforms to strict HIPAA regulatory security compliance for medical record storage.

Proven Backup is the only medical records backup service which includes proactive, hands on backup management.  While many online backup companies may offer a medical record backup and retrieval technology that works, nothing is easier than letting us do the work for you! 

  • We can, with your guidance, perform the initial setup of Proven Backup for your healthcare facility.
  • If there’s a failure, our healthcare IT experts research and fix the issue.  Other companies sell you software that informs you of the medical record backup failure and expect you to address the issue yourself.
  • If there’s a need for medical record data restoration, we actively facilitate the restoration process.  Other companies leave it to you and the software you purchased.
  • Proven Backup automatically performs all necessary housekeeping tasks such as obsolete data file removal, medical record data integrity checking, user storage information rebuilding and log file cleanup.

Proven Backup has redundant servers in remote locations (AZ and NJ).   In the event of an emergency which affects one data center, Proven Backup will always protect your proprietary medical record data.  Our facilities in NJ and Arizona are kept under strict environmental controls (temperature, humidity, fire), have redundant power supplies, are secure facilities (key cards, guards, surveillance), have 24 hour data monitoring, and super-fast fiber optic connections from Tier1 service providers.   Ideal for the healthcare industry’s offsite data backup needs.

Easy, intuitive user interface – Proven Backup’s user interface is designed so even the most basic user can select the relevant medical record data from their systems. All tasks can be performed with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive online/email reports – Once you set up your online backups, your healthcare practice will get daily confirmation emails, letting you know your data is stored and secure. Proven Backups also receives these daily emails and will proactively follow up on any medical record back up issues!

Auto upgrade feature – With the Auto Upgrade feature enabled, upgrade of the application to new versions can be done automatically. 

Proven Backup can back up all platforms and databases your healthcare facility might use to store medical record data.    We support  all leading operating systems which can runJava2 Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or above, including Windows, Linux, Mac, NetWare, NAS devices, etc.  Proven Backup also comes with modules specially designed for backing up common medical record database applications, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus Notes/Domino, Oracle and MySQL and Solaris. 

Secure via multiple layers of encryption. All medical record data is encrypted before leaving the PC, laptop or server at your healthcare facility and is sent over an encrypted connection.

Fully scalable – As your data and backup needs grow, there is no need to change or upgrade hardware. Proven Backup has unlimited medical record storage space for its healthcare industry clients.

Only incremental data and files that have changed are backed up so there is no need to worry about running out of time or bandwidth to perform backups.  Ideal for the Healthcare Industry.

Automatic backup management – After the initial setup of Proven Backup, backups will be performed automatically every day without requiring human effort. A medical record data restoration can be done in just a few clicks.

No Contract Required, Easy Cancellation Policy!  Your practice can cancel this service at any time.  Since most of the data we backup is considered e-PHI, we require 30 day written notice on company letterhead of your request to cancel.  All you need to do is to Email ( and Fax in (914-683-7348) with your reason for cancellation on company letterhead with the date of the request, and provide Proven Backup 30 days’ notice (which allows us time to purge your medical data securely from our servers).  

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Proven Backup is a service of Professional Data Systems, a leading provider of IT solutions for the healthcare industry since 1997. Proven Backup provides secure, affordable and reliable HIPAA compliant Medical Data Backup including backups of EMR Solutions, Medical Records Storage, Medical Records Management and Medical Records Software. Located in White Plains, Westchester County, New York serving medical practices nationwide.