EyeMD Cloud Backups

Users find EyeMD easy to use because it was designed by Ophthalmologists. Using our HIPAA compliant backup service is just as easy – it was designed to meet the unique requirements of the Healthcare Industry and is run by medical IT experts.

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  • Single to Multi-Doctor Practice
  • FREE set up & ongoing support by our EyeMd Experts

  • FREE 1 Month Trial

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  • Multi-Doctor Groups
  • FREE set up & ongoing support by our EyeMD Experts

  • FREE 1-Month trial

All EyeMD Backup Plans Include:

  • HIPPA Data Compliance Guaranteed
  • Compatible with all Versions of EyeMD Software
  • On-staff data backup experts alert you of any issues
  • Set & Forget It Technology
  • Don't know how to backup EyeMD Software? Our EyeMD technicians will set you up for FREE
  • Continuous upgrades
  • FREE Support & Monitoring
  • No Contract – No Obligation
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